Monday, October 24, 2016

We have issues

The issue of what is an issue ... and selecting an issue for your oral

The study of social issues raises the questions as to what actually is an issue and how do you discuss them in the classroom. It can be said that at the local, national or global level, an issue involves considering the following:

• Dispute is the essence of any issue.

• Issues often involve contending groups of people with conflicting opinions.

• The hardest part of any study is selecting an appropriate issue. Issues selected for discussion must show clearly conflicting elements and involve choices decided from a range of alternatives.

• The investigation of an issue must consider the roles and perceptions of stakeholders (various groups in those places and other significant groups elsewhere) that have a vested interest in the issue.

An example of an issue is:
'Should the age of drinking alcohol be increased.'

To help you with your choice of an issue, here are some websites dedicated to exploring and providing information on issues. It would be a useful exercise for you to look at as many issues as possible before deciding on the final topic to conduct your oral. Remember, it is OK to choose an issue specific to the content of the Australian Curriculum: HASS - but make sure that it is an issue that will lead to some good discussion/conversation. I will give you the chance to nominate your topic next Tuesday on the excursion - I do not want any issues repeated during the workshop in the last week when you present your oral.

Here are some of the sites to explore:

* Find out the facts on a wide range of issues at

* Research issues at the Social Issue Research Centre at

* Investigate a catalogue of issues at

* Global issues 

* A resource with summaries of many issues

* Human Rights issues

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