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Resources for your Hums teaching

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Resources supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, History and Geography

Hi all

I hope your practicum went well. I thought I would do this posting to bring to your attention to some fantastic resources which have just been posted. They will really help you when teaching the Australian Curriculum in whatever primary school you find yourself in in the near future (and high school for you Ben). I hope the practicum went well and I plan to have your reflection assignment to the Flinders Education Office by the end of next week.
All the best.

Over recent weeks we have seen the publication of on-line resources to support the Australian Curriculum for English, History and Geography (also Mathematics). These resources have been developed by the national teaching associations for the subjects (HTAA, AATE and AGTA) with money supplied from the Australian Government via Educational Services Australia (ESA). The SACOL (Supporting Australian Curriculum Online) resources are worth a look because they contain professional learning materials on our learning areas as well as specific teaching materials for the new F-10 Australian Curriculum in these subjects. As well as providing some useful professional learning in humanities, the resources may also provide some teaching ideas and activities which can be adapted to our Stage 1 subjects.

As time goes by, the sites are likely to include materials to support the Year 11 and 12 courses as they are published by ACARA. These sites are worth a look to see what is going on with the Australian Curriculum, which is already impacting on F-10 schools and indirectly will impact on the senior secondary years next year by the fact that some of those students will have undertaken the Australian Curriculum subjects instead of SACE in their Year 10 classes this year.

If you have not already done so, go to the
ACARA Curriculum Portal to view the English, Geography and History curricula prior to looking at the resource sites to get some background on these three new curriculum's in our faculty area.

Here are the SACOL sites relevant to English and Humanities for your preview:

The History site

The Geography site

The English site

The Science site (ASTA) should be published by the end of June. As for the business and economics and civics and citizenship sites, no decisions have been made as yet (waiting for the money form the Federal Government). Hopefully these learning areas will have the chance to develop resources to support the Australian Curriculum in those subjects when they are published by ACARA.

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