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Have another look at the learning theories for your commentary in the unit plan

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Let's talk theory for a while

It is important  in your commentary for the unit plan that you refer to learning theories. I know you have done a lot on learning theories during your studies but I thought it was worth reminding you about the importance of referencing them when you are designing the learning for students

A site to check out about learning theories is at

In the Australian Curriculum you will see many learning theories in action via the inquiry model used in HaSS


The philosophy about learning, that proposes learners need to build their own understanding of new ideas, has been labelled constructivism.

Various educationalist have developed an instructional model for constructivism, called the "Five E’s"


Students carry out an activity/discussion in which they can explore the knowledge/concept/skill. This phase allows students to acquire a common set of experiences that they can use to help each other make sense of the new concept or skill.


Only after students have explored aspects of the knowledge/concept/skill does the teacher provide the explanations/learning stories to develop student understanding. The significant aspect of this phase is that explanation follows experience.


This phase provides opportunities for students to apply what they have learned to new situations and so develop a deeper understanding of the concept/understanding. It is important for students to discuss and compare their ideas with each other during this phase. 


The final phase provides an opportunity for students to review and reflect on their own learning and new understandings. It is also when students provide evidence for changes to their understanding, beliefs and skills. 

 Blooms taxonomy

Some other learning theories to refer to in HaSS:

·        Multiple Intelligences

·        Systems thinking

·        Experiential learning

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