Sunday, April 2, 2017

Preparing for our excursion to the Adelaide CBD on 24 April

On Monday 24 April, meet at 9am at the National War Memorial on the corner of Kintore Avenue and North Terrace.

Sites to support your HaSS planning
Australian Curriculum Portal
AC History Units
DECD Learning Resources for Australian Curriculum
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website

Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
History Teachers Association of South Australia
History Teachers Association of Australia
Legal Education Teachers Association SA (LETASA)
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Some resources to support historical learning on South Australian history and the visit of workshop 4070 and 5171 to the city on 24 April.

Adelaide City Explorer

* Changing Worlds: The South Australian Story


*A role play simulation of the contact between Aboriginal people and Europeans from the point of European con act, into eh 20th Century. The South Australian Aboriginal history role play, click here and you can download a pdf of the activity.

* The RSL Virtual War Memorial:  an excellent resource to help students study the involvement of South Australians in the global conflicts of the 20th Century.

A great resource for commemoration activities, historical research and work on Australian identity in the Civics and Citizenship curriculum.

* DECD Outreach Education
A service of DECD to encourage and support teachers to use important cultural and a natural history sites in South Australia. Take particular note of the Planning a visit section of the site.

* The South Australian Migration Museum
We will be visiting the Migration Museum on Kintore Avenue. The following website provides guidance for such a visit.

Some other useful DECD Outreach Education resources for the teaching of HaSS

iPad inquiry trails to be undertaken on site at the South Australian Maritime Museum:

Muslim Cameleers website: (South Australian Museum)

Curator’s Table: German migrants experiences in Australia during World War I web based resource: