Friday, May 12, 2017

Thinking about the reasons why

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Let's talk theory for a while
As mentioned this week, it is important  in your rationale sections for your unit plan to refer to learning theories and HaSS Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) behind the activities and assessment that you design. Your text book by Gilbert Hoepper provides plenty of HaSS PCK specific references to consider. To help you in the task beyond the text book have a look at a site that provides useful information about learning theories at

To give you some guidance with the referencing consider the following:

Theories behind the AC Inquiry model 

In the Australian Curriculum you will see many learning theories in action via the inquiry model used in HaSS

Fundamental to the designing of your unit is the concept of contructivism. Constructivism is the learning design approach that proposes learners need to build their own understanding of new ideas.

 Blooms taxonomy
An important underpinning basis for the progression of learing and inquiry is Blooms taxomomy .

Some other learning theories to refer to when deveoping your planning rationales are ( I will leave it up to you to check out these):

·       Multiple Intelligences

·       Systems thinking

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