Friday, April 8, 2016

Middle Years tutorial information

Hi all

Great to talk to you all this morning about lesson plans and history. Here is some information for you in preparation for the next part of the course:

1. Assignment 3, the two lesson plans (history and geography) must be emailed to me by the end of Friday 13 April.

2. The tutorial on 29 April is to the Law Courts in Victoria Square. I will meet you there at 8.45 outside the court - see map above. I would like the excursion go to at least until 1pm if OK with you all - if you cannot stay I will revise the program.
3. View the History and Civics and Citizenship presentations for our tutes on FLO - under Key Information section.

4. Select a Year Level, Subject and a Content Descriptor that will be the basis of your Unit Plan - more about that early next term.

All the best and see you on the 29 April at the Law Courts .


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