Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Geography follow-up work Middle Years Curriculum Specialisation (3531)

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A posting for the Middle Years Curriculum Specialisation (3531)

Hi all

Thanks for a great discussion on the Australian Curriculum: Geography today. Here is the promised follow-up work for you to have a look at before next Thursday.

Today's PowerPoint is on FLO for you to go through at your own pace.

Here are the key links for you to explore re: Australian Curriculum: Geography

* Australian Curriculum Portal to view the curriculum

* GeogSpace for the exemplars and professional learning to support the teaching of the 
Australian Curriculum: Geography

* The DECD resources to support pedagogy when teaching the Australian Curriculum: Geography

If you want to play more with the sites we looked at today, the links are:

* BBC Planet Explorer

* Public Profiler - mapping your name!
* Plane Finder

* Gapminder 

 Enjoy - next week History!

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