Sunday, March 23, 2014

Being creative

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Looking for values in some statements from the readings

Even from Gilbert and Hoepper on values and authentic experiential learning have values embedded which can be challenged and explored. Have a go at defining the values to contest in the following statements.

1. Empathy cannot be measured or assessed, so why do we teach it?
2. It Is not the place of schools to teach values.
3. Teaching values is akin to social engineering.
4. Whatever values are identified as core values are always contestable in terms of culture and socio-economic group.
5. Is it healthy to create open-minds?
6. Debating is a polarising and zero-sum activity which does not prepare students for the real world.
7. Students only really learn thoroughly when they do, as opposed to being told.
8. Teachers should avoid controversial issues in the F-3 years of schooling.
9. It is impossible for a teacher to be unbiased.
10. Teachers cannot avoid influencing students with their views.
11. Teachers should never give their view on a controversial issue.
12. Some form of social action should always be part of values exploration.
13. Service learning should always be part of humanities classes.
14. Authentic learning is the most powerful type of learning.
15. Effective group work relies on structure and explicit instruction by the teacher.
16. Role plays and simulations can be a destructive learning experience if not well thought through.
17. Learning is incomplete without reflection time integrated into the program.

All points of view worth discussing when exploring real and relevant learning.

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