Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fantastic resources showcased

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Resource presentation day!

Thanks for the great presentations on a resource of  your choice today.   Next week we will finish the presentations (thanks to those who said they will do their presentation next week).  All of the presentations were so good I really did not want ot cut people short. All amazingly presented and applied. 

The focus of the resource presentation was to select a resource and do the following when showcasing to the workshop:
* connect the resource to the Australian Curriculum for history and geography
* describe the resource and its purpose
* justify the use of the resource
* discuss any limitations of the resource
* be creative in showcasing the resource.

Here are just some of the resources presented in the workshop today - will post the rest next week.

Internet resources showcased

* Australian history mysteries

* Australian War Memorial

* Classroom photographs over time - and many more photos

* Kidsgeo games  The Oceana game

* Bound for South Australia

* This day in history and history orb

* Instagram as a teaching tool

Book resource

* "Are we there yet? "by Alison Lester and a YouTube to accompany the reading of the children's picture book , 'Are we there yet?' by Alison Lester (2004). Powerpoint on this by resource  is available if you click her (thanks to Ellen Barr for allowing this presentation to be posted)

* My "Story book" collection

* If the World were a Village by David Smith

*** You may also be interested in the corresponding blog from the 2012 class - some more great resources.***

*** The "Fun is OK" posting from last year also has plenty more great resouces listed (and linked to). ***


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