Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First assignment info

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The first assignment

Great to meet you all today. I look forward to working with you over the next seven weeks on history and geography teaching and learning. 
Here is some follow-up to some of your concerns regarding the first assignment (presentation to staff on the Australian Curriculum History and Geography).

1.       The ACARA documents for history and geography

You will need to access the ACARA documents for history (already published) and the Geography (latest draft). Here are the links to both these documents.

You will need to use these documents to check out the aims, structures of the geography and history curriculum, the nature of the achievement Standards and opportunties for integration.

2.       Format

The 700 words can be in the form of a report, speech,  handout, multi-media presentation or any other way you see that would impart the knowledge to the other staff.

3.       Due date

The assignment is due next week but I am happy (very happy) for you to hand me a written copy on Thursday at the morning tutorial. Otherwise post it on-line next Tuesday to give me time to download and copy. 

Good luck with the assignment and please have a go at reading that Backwards Design blog entry and readings from Wiggins and McTighe for us to continue work on the planning triangle at the beginning of the tutorial.

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