Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great resources!

Images above: Students at Nuriootpa Primary School engaged in model making when studying the Landscapes unit of the Australian Curriculum: Geography

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Thanks for the great presentations on a resource of choice today. As you requested here are the resources presented in the workshop.

The focus of the resource presentation was to select a resource and do the following when showcasing to the workshop:
* connect the resource to the Australian Cuuriulum for history and geography
* describe the resource and its purpose
* justify the use of the resource
* discuss any limitations of the resource
* be creative in showcasing the resource.

Internet resources showcased

* My Place in History

* Ollie’s World

* Geography Associations ‘Planet Sport

* My place in history

* Voice thread

* YouTube clips - ‘Guess that Gadget’ series

* Rouse Hill House – Historic Houses Trust NSW

* National Museum Australia

* Google Earth

* Migration Museum of SA

* Whyalla Maritime Museum

* Scootle resource
* Geoscience Australia

* Australian folksongs

* Language map

* How well do you know your world?

Non-Internet resources

* The Aboriginal flag.

* 'Letters from Felix': Annette Langdan.

* An Inquiry suitcase of artefacts from India.

* 'The camel that crossed Australia': Alex_Anne Hemphill.

Thanks everyone for a great morning of resource showcasing.

Next week we have three groups to complete their formative presentation. The topics will be:

* Multiple intelligence and Blooms based on the Week 5 reading: Pohl, M. Gardners Multiple Intelligences File

* Negotiated curriculum based on the Week 5 reading: Hunter. Negotiating Curriculum File

* Assessement based on the Week 6 readings.


  1. Hi Malcolm,

    The resources were brilliant and really diverse. There are some great resources for us to imbed in our teaching. Tess was definitely the star of the day with her creative acting; She had me in stitches.
    Toni C.

    1. Thanks for the comment - the first! It was a good morning sharing those resources. What a great time to teach with such interesting and exciting on-line resources in particular.